By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

When Donald Trump achieved the United States Presidency, after every domestic and international mainstream media and politicians in the USA and foreign entities, a target was put on his head.   It is alleged that he is a Trojan horse for the establishment due to his connections to the Rothschild International banking cartel, deals with unions controlled by organized crime and is involved with the AngloAmerican emprire military weapon manufacturers. 

Is th 45th President a man on the side of the citizens of America?  Will he really make the USA great again?  Or is he just telling the public just what they want to hear?  He claims he is independent and using his own funds during his political campaign but he refuses to release his tax forms or provide proof that he is not receiving donations or funds from the global NWO.  It is important to understand that he needs to finance his very expensive buildings worldwide, which requires dealing with the evil devils of the Rothschild International Banking cartel and the Bilderberg Group.  These super-rich globalist oligarchs control all the Central Banks of all the countries of the world excpect Iran, North Korea and Cuba (interesting fact that these three nations are on the Shit List with NATO).  Trump has major debts held by the Chinese and the AngloAmerican monetary systems, which would make him owe them favors.

When President elect Trump was campaigning he promised more money for the military and veterans.  The veterans deserve more money but the military industrial complex already has the largest budget in the world (more than all the nations on Earth combined).  Do these super-rich globalist oligarchs deserve another $60 Billion more from US taxpayers?  Does the US really need another nuclear bomb or missile, when they already have enough to destroy the Earth 7 times over?  Highly unlikely but they always figure out how to milk more money from Americans and NATO countries.  They realized that if they manipulate NATO nations to declare war on a non-NATO sovereign nation, once they defeat it, they cannot justify swindling further funds from the government’s tax payers.  That is why they designed the War on Drugs & the War on Terrorism,  these type of wars can go on perpetually without any end.

Unless President Trump dissolves the Federal Reserve or at the least audits this corrupt controller of the American monetary system, the USA will continue speeding towards bankruptcy as the globalist’s desire.  He must eliminate the unelected shadow government as promised when he said, “We are going to drain the swamp in Washington!”  Have you seen the super-rich globalist oligarch’s Trump has assigned to be on his administration?  This group is a collection of Rothschild Zionists and their financial members of the International banking cartel.  Should he not deal with these matters it will real him as a Trojan horse for the establishment and a puppet of the Bilderberg Group.

Nothing will change, just like Democratic Barrack Obama promised Change, yet continued the policies of the previous Republican George W. Bush Jr., the collusion of the Republicans and Democrats rushing on towards the collapse of all FIAT currencies worldwide!!  Like all politicians following their parties plan, they say whatever they can to help gather as many of the people’s votes, yet have no intention of doing their lies they spew.  Why can they deceive the citizens and not be held accountable for this deception or receive prison time like someone who commits perjury in a court of law?





By  Sandford Tuey

All leaders of political parties must follow their political party’s policies and the gist of their agenda.  Trump AND Trudeau are just glorified teleprompter script readers who spew bullshit propaganda to make the people think the Republicans are on the people’s side (just like Obama did, not much change right?  Trump is no more than a Trojan horse of the following :   1)  The Republicans are influenced or even controlled by the American  military industrial weapon manufacturers (the USA already spends more on it’s military than all the nation on Earth combined – for example,  Russia spends only 20% of the US budget.  The Republicans are giving a further $60 Billion to the US armed forces, why?  They already receive almost a Trillion dollars annually, that doesn’t even include the secret Black Budget funds that are unaccounted for.  Does America really need more nukes or weapons?  They can destroy the entire Earth almost 7 times, unless they are cooking the books.  The bombs and bullets are piling up and have to used up to clear the shelf again and they cannot lay off millions and millions of employees would make the great depression look like a picnic).  So that means the weapon producers will have to concoct a new enemy and start another war to use up these killing devices.  I  wonder which nation is next?  There’s got to be WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION in it!  LOL   Everybody is being deceived and no one speaks out. LOL   2) Trump needs to deal with the Rothschild international banking cartel to fund his expensive buildings.  Trump has to deal with the Teamsters and organized crime unions, so they may have him helping them.  Trump is also involved with the Rothschild International banking cartel, there is a bunch of evil super-rich globalist oligarchs.  The LIEberals allegedly do what they are instructed to do for huge money.  Does anyone believe that Trudeau went on a vacation to meet Aga Khan on his paradise island?  When is the last time you took your lawyer on a holiday with you?   He took favours and gifts from this Muslim, including free helicopter rides.  Isn’t that high treason?.  The Province newspaper revealed that the BC LIEberals receive massive donations and alleged bribes from foreign nations, they are bloody traitors because they are liquidating our national assets, calling it privatization!  Remember BC Gas?  I DON’T LIKE POPPING PEOPLES REALITY BUBBLES, BUT CITIZENS HAVE TO STOP STUMBLING AROUND WITH THEIR EYSE WIDE SHUT !!



March  13, 2017



Trump change is not Obama change but real change!

Remember all the lies Barrack Obama spewed with promises of changing the way America was governed?  The Democrats promoted that they would change and improve from how  the Republican’s ran the USA.   Honestly,  did they?
All Obama did was take over the Presidency from George Bush Jr. but nothing really changed. The Republican way was almost identical to the Democrat way, especially foreign policy and free trade.  Why doesn’t that annoy the voters that had high hopes of a better America?  Does it matter anymore which party wins?  Are the Democrats and Republicans colluding?  Or tag teaming against the American people like in a death cage match?  Could both US political parties have come to an agreement to work together?   It doesn’t seem so but look carefully.


Trump admitted that he would have preferred to run as an Independent candidate but he knew that Americans have been programmed to only vote either for the Democrats or Republicans.  If the USA is a great example of a democratic nation, why do US voters only elect a Republican or Democrat?  Why not a third party like the Constitution Party or the Libertarian party?  Trump new that any independent group would lose just because of the programming by the oligarchs.

Hilary and Bill Clinton are great people.   Trump used to donate to the Democrats, specifically Hillary now and Bill back in the day.

I  have decided to support Donald Trump because of the following reasons:

  1.  He won (fair and square) the Presidency of the United States of America. He IS the President and the world will need to get used to it.
  2. He won by enough votes that the margin of victory could not be questioned (like how the Bush Republicans stole the Presidency from Gore’s Democrats) in 2000.
  3. Trump pointed out the corrupt and manipulated voting system that he says benefits the candidate who has the most money.
  4. Trump said he is independent from any loans, obligations and pointed out the financial shenanigans by Super Pacs, corporations and foreign interests. He paid for his own campaign costs out of his own pocket, which allow him not to owe any favors to donators or special interest groups or foreign countries.
  5. America desperately needs a pro-employment President that will get the USA back to work! He promises to ensure business returns to the USA which will increase the middle class.
  6. Before Trump took office he made it clear to US companies that if they move their manufacturing plants outside the USA they should expect a 35% tariff when their products are imported into the states.  This economic strategy already convinced two major production plants to return to the USA and added thousands of new American jobs.
  7. He has chosen to scrap the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) in exchange for negotiating direct dels with each country one by one. This will allow for better agreements in favor of the USA and Trump is not afraid of the increase work this will cause him.
  8. Trump has made it clear that mainstream media are puppets of the establishment and cannot be trusted. I have known for decades that these major television, radio, magazine and newspaper sources are propaganda machines for the super-rich globalist oligarchs.  I enjoy how Trump is putting these fake/false news agencies in their place.
  9. Trump has money in his blood and understands the international monetary system. If Trump dares to dissemble or terminate the US Federal Reserve, that action would prove he is truly independent and the real deal!  This would benefit the USA immensely and correct the deception by the foreign international banking cartel in 1913.
  10. His immigration policy will enforce the present laws on the books. He is not the first President to halt immigration of a specific race, in this year’s case –Muslims.  The North American borders require increased funding, additional border officers and stricter screening of everyone who enters our continent.
  11. Trump is going to increase the US military budgets. Not sure if this is due to his positive attitude towards veterans or a show of international strength?  The US weapon manufacturers and Armed Forces enjoy more funding than ALL the rest of the world’s military industries combined.  Does this signal Trump is influenced or even being controlled by the USA military industrial complex?
  12. He claims he wants to bomb ISIS and all terrorists into oblivion. Even those evil entities created, funded and weaponized by NATO (Al Queda, ISIS, ISIL and other ruthless proxy armies) around the world.  He has even threatened to sell nuclear weapons to reduce the American boots on the ground in allied nations (he says they can protect themselves with USA nukes)!  This attitude makes me nervous.
  13. Trump says he wants to reduce America’s involvement with NATO and reduce the US military obligations and costs of protecting allies.
  14. Trump is a real estate genius and if he really builds a wall between Mexico and the USA he can do it under budget and on time. The negatives are that he must be connected to organized crime due to being forced to deal with questionable unions like the Teamsters.  He also must be influenced by the Rothschild financial institutions since Trump needs them to fund his real estate endeavors and contract his debt load.
  15. Will Trump make America great again? I hope so and right now he is the best man for the job.  If Clinton or some other Republican would have become President nothing would change.  The USA would continue to decline, increase unemployment, more society destabilized, more conflicts between authorities and the citizens, more illegal immigrants, continual war and more debt heading the USA towards bankruptcy.

Since the USA is the leader of our planet, everyone on Earth waits curiously with justifiable anxiety to see how this new Trump White House administration changes everything and affects the rest of the world.




By  Sandford  Tuey

Donald John Trump is now the 55th President of the USA.  I can see him in the Oval office at the White House behind the Comander in Chief’s desk, his feet up on it, puffing on a big stogie and slurping back scotch or whiskey.  Oh, sorry, I’m talking about Bill Clinton.  Trump doesn’t smoke, toke, drink alcohol or do drugs.  He will be one of the most sober leaders of the US in its history.

Trump is one of the richest Presidents since the founding of the USA.  He does not desperately need wealth or money, since he is worth more than $ 10+ Billion US.   He doesn’t  require the  US Presidential annual salary . The US President is paid $400,000 US a year, on a monthly basis. Plus, he receives an extra expense allowance of $50,000 US a year. The first president, George Washington, earned $25,000 US a year when he came into office in 1789  The President has many other benefits and knowing Trump he will enjoy them all.

Trump promised to make America great again.  He has already saved Millions by cutting the cost for his inauguration.  He has already negotiated the return of two manufacturing plants, which translates to jobs returning  to the USA  and that was before he became President.  He promised to deal with the USA’s enormous debt and meet with leaders of other nations to renegotiate trade agreements.

Alex Jones of INFOWARS.COM claims that providence happened on January 20, 2017.  It looks like Trump is putting  America first, yet he invoked GOD and that is overdue and needed  after the Satanists ruled the US for the past hundred years.   The most powerful country in the world now has a leader that gets things done (no one can deny that he does finish the projects he starts).

How will Trump’s administration affect the rest of the world?  His international policy is expected to reduce the number of American soldiers in NATO nations and at strategic points around the planet.  He is going to increase tax revenue to the military, financial institutions American weapon manufacturers and industries critical to the prosperity of the states.

FREEDOM  IS  NEVER  FREE!  A lot of American blood and sweat made the USA great and then it was abused by both the Democrats and Republicans, It seems Trump hijacked the Republican party and is now running the party as an independent.  I sure hope the USA regains it’s leadership role for all the nations of the world’s sake!

Canada needs a strong, positive, big brother from below the 49th parallel.  I’m cheering for America and hope Trump doesn’t punish Canada too harshly.  Our nation must renegotiate NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), which means the USA will force us to give them a better deal.  Hopefully the results will be beneficial for both our countries.

We are living in crazy times and will be, at the least, a wild ride!  Is the nightmare over?



WHAT  IF???:


It is possible for Canada to HIDE  a nuclear weapon stockpile?  We are a country that has built some of the best and safest atomic reactors in the world (especially when compared to Russia = deadly radioactive polluted zone in Chernobl in Eastern Europe =  Ukraine.  The Russians are sure lucky they constructed this dangerous electrical generating, toxin polluting plant on a foreign nation’s soil.

Canada’s scientists have the knowledge and the talent to design, produce and have ready for use nukes well within a year but we wouldn’t bother since we could just buy nukes from several of our NATO allies, like the United Kingdom did from the USA.  I always wondered, if the USA attacked an insignificant UK territory, how would the British react towards America if they seized a place like the Falklands.  Would the UK use their ‘made in the USA’ nukes against the USA?  The likely-hood of that happening is next to nil.

Canadian Armed Forces is in lockstep with the NATO alliance, in that, we must defend the other countries within NATO, in return for these nations to come to our aid if we are attacked.

Russia even authorized the pro-Russian / Ukrainian government to locate nuclear tipped missiles built by the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic). This adds Russian nukes to their Ukrainian arsenal. When Putin and the boys occupied and controlled the Ukrainian government and  top officials with an iron fist, they convinced their neighbor to disarm and destroy the Russian nuclear weapons from their soil.  It is said the Ukraine frdytoyed the missiles on their soil.

Why would Vladimir Putin attack his neighbor if he knows it has nuclear weapons?  Ukraine destroyed them all, really?  Who gives up their only major defensive/offensive weapon?  No one – that’s who!  I would expect the Ukrainian President at the time (Russian dictator) kept some of the Russian nukes in his back pocket just to be safe.  You just never know when thugs may attack you.

Canada also has a vast land area and could easily hide nuclear missiles and bombs almost anywhere.   If Israel can keep their nuclear weapons development program a secret,  so can Canada.  Until one of the Israeli scientists = whistle-blowers told the world no one could believe Israel was the first middle Eastern nation to have nukes. Israel has never admitted that they have ajust over 100+ nuclear missiles and bombs, making them one of the most powerful nations with the ability to destroy our world.

As the old WW2 poster  threatened,  “You will be forced to not let out a secret!”  Loose lips – sink ships.  Putin is a very smart man and will not take this final burst of pride and nationality lightly.  Trump is an ally with big pharma, military institutions, the Rothschild International Banking cartel and has worked with organized crime within the unions.  He should make quite the Commander in Chief.  I just hope he can control his temper!

Trump  is threatening the world that he will sell nuclear weapons to nations that require America’s military might as part of their defense strategy, which means that the USA will help nuclear weapon prolification.  Maybe Canada should buy some Weapons of Mass Destruction from Trump and aim them at the USA and other countries we are afraid of or consider them hostile?





Multi-Billionaire ($ 10+ US Billion on paper)  Donald Trump accused Mega-Billionaire  George Soros of being part of the global power structure that robbed the working class in favor of putting money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities!   Basically his friends in the  BILDERBERG GROUP and THEIR POLITICAL PUPPETS.  Soros controls a $ 30 Billion trust fund for his immediate family and close friends.  Basically he’s a filthy rich megalomaniac and I don’t like him and neither should you!

 This statement from the incoming President of the United States of America is so revealing that it confirms all I have said about the Bilderberg Group, the Rothschild International Banking cartel and the super-rich globalist oligarchs manipulating almost everything in our lives.  You might not believe me but you have to take note of what a US President says.

The 23rd richest man on Earth (Forbes Richest in the World issue) Mega-Billionaire Soros  called on a “global system of political decision-making” referring to the New World Order since he is on the direction committee of the BILDERBERG GROUP.  This reinforces my understanding of the super-rich globalist oligarchs ruling the world.  They are tightening their grip around the throat of our world and will not stop choking us until the people of Earth rise up and start a revolution!   Cue Beatles song.

I enjoyed hearing that Soros lost over $ 1 US Billion on the stock markets because he bet against Trump becoming President of the USA = Priceless!  Couldn’t happen to a more evil 86 year old super-rich guy!  That’s what you get for coming out against  Trump during the  Presidential campaign.   Do not feel sorry for Soros as he can afford the loss.   I wish I could shake Trump’s hand for helping screw over one of richest and worst human beings on Earth.  I don’t hate any body but this guy comes close!

Maybe Trump is independent like he claims to be.  I sure hope so for the sake of the people of the USA.  The 35% import tariff Trump says he is going to impose could hurt Canada,  sending our economy right past recession and head long into a nationwide depression!  We sell 80% of our goods to the USA and the import tax will make our products uncompetitive, not good.   Hopefully Canada can negotiate an exemption because Trump is aiming at China and Mexico, Canada will be collateral damage.  So hang on tight because it is going to be a bumpy ride for the next four years.

Trump just fired the head official of the DC National Guard who  was the commander and coordinator to oversee the 2017 Presidential inauguration.  I guess Trump did not trust the guy in charge of his protection during this historical event and knows full well he has a target on his head.  Guess he remembers the assassination of John F. Kennedy for stating the kind of truths Trump is now stating.  If Trump actually does what he says he will,  then I will become a big fan of his.  However, right now,  I still suspect him of being a Trojan horse for the super-rich elite globalist oligarchs (since he is part of this old boys network).