Learn Something New Each Day or You Are Keeping Above The Curve

Is Your Mind For Rent or Have They Already Seized It?


Programming saturates your brain constantly, every minute and area of your brain..  Just lke radio waves cannot be seen, so are other frequency weapons.

If you something new everyday, you will benefit greatly and we should not waste a creative mind.  Do you collect and understand your collection?  Take ten minutes a day minimum and think about a subject you know nothing or kniw little about and be creative.  Stay on the right path.




No his mind is not for rent.

To any God or government

Always hopeful, yet discontent

He knows changes aren’t permanent

But change is


What you say about his company

Is what you say about society

Catch the witness catch the wit

Catch the spirit, catch the spit


His world is… the world is

Love and life are deep.

Maybe as his eyes are wide.

Exit the warrior

Today’s Tom Sawyer

He gets high on you

And the energy you trade

He gets right on to the friction


Do you understand the hidden meaning in this song by RUSH?.


Careful. The Rothschild international has a major wealth transfer



When we were children, every one of us told a lie.  Yes, you too!  It’s human nature to exaggerate or make things better than they are by enhancing the size of the fish you caught or the one that got away.  Do we do it to make our story more exciting and enjoyable?  Is it wrong to lie?  Not always.

What about when your wife/husband or spouse asks you if they look fat or old?  You automatically state that they do not, even if they do.  This is a little white lie to make your better half feel good about themselves.  Is this deception for the better?  Should this form of lying even be called lying?  I think that it is better to tell them they look fine then to hurt their feelings and cause animosity between your partner.  Trust me on this, my honesty has caused problems in my love life and business affairs many times.  I now think twice before I say something, especially when I was the president of a public company on the stock market.  Misrepresenting the company and it’s progress could get you in trouble with the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) or even have your company delisted.  Very bad for the owners and shareholders.

On occasion we may have to think twice before telling the truth.  After all, isn’t it better to expand the truth to make someone have a more emotionally positive experience through life?  Or do you prefer to be brutally honest and hurt people’s feeling at the expense of being truthful?  It is a delicate balance every day between the truth and lies.  Since my first ‘Code Blue’ (near death experience), I have had no time for bullshit or falsehoods.  If I suspect someone is lying to me or tossing generalizations around, I challenge them on it.  For example, when someone says that all Canadians live in igloos and eat maple syrup, I chuckle, then correct them (I had this happen to me at American tradeshows in the 1980’s).  Or when somebody says they will only be a second, then they take more than ten minutes.  Why don’t we just say it will take ten minutes?  Why don’t we considers this lying?

Since 1977 I have been seeking the truth of what the hell is really going on.  Trying to find the answers to why are we here?  Who really controls and runs our planet?  How can we stop wars and evil from ruling the Earth?  Where exactly is our third rock from the sun heading through the universe and what will happen when we die.  I have always been a curious kid, just like you.  It is time to be honest and unite our species and seek these truths together, instead of being deceived by our leaders, governments, religions and enemies.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Dan Aykroyd said it best…




I am a big believer in the truth.  I have since before I can remember, thanks to my mother.  She didn’t allow lying period!  I did not want to find out the taste of soap.  The politicians that promise something but never intended to really do it once elected, should have a bar of soap shoved down their throats.  I am sick and tired of politicians lying just to get elected and rip off our nation and taxpayers.  Hang’em  high!

.I try to post information that is factual, no exageration, falsehoods or misinformation.  Our politicians are supposed to be held  to a higher standard, aren’t they?  After Nixon and Clinton lying and acting like criminals, the people should realize Presidents are only human but should be impeached if they lie.

Can you imagine if society is based on lies?  Could human history be misinformation?  Parts of our  past are fabrications.  Some major wars were started by liars (Bush & Cheney & Powell & Rice)  all started the Gulf wars in Iraq based on the “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION”) bullshit.  The Spanish – American war & the Vietnam war.  All False Flag Operations to get the USA people to support wars they did not want to get involved with.  Why lie to herd people to do what they want, because it works.  We have a hard time knowing if someone is lying.

Since our governments lie to their citizens what other illegal and unethical things are they doing?  What other falsehoods are they telling you?  It is common knowledge that the winners of wars tell the story which makes them look great, when infact, they may have committed atrocities and horrors.  Propaganda at it’s worst.

If you know that something I post is not true please inform me and I will do my best to learn the exact TRUTH, since that is all I want to do!   I need your help to make people understand fact from fiction.