How Deep Are American Hands In Canada’s Pockets?

Is Canada A Colony Of The United States Of America?

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte answered Press questions from American media and accused the USA of invading his country 60 years ago and staying to take advantage of his nation for profit.  He hopes not to be assassinated by the CIA before his first term ends.   He is a lawyer, ex-Mayor of Davoa city for over a decade and fought alongside the American military to defeat the Japanese invaders during World War 2 to liberate the Philippines in 1945.  Duterte is a national hero and an unorthodox leader.who has allied with the Chinese and Russians.

Duterte accused the USA of being an oppressive violent state that promised the Philippine people that they would regain conrol of their nation if they helped defeat their Japanese conqueror,   Instead, the Americans overstayed their welcome.   He said that the USA “lived off the fat of the Philippines” and needs to stop meddling in Philippine affairs.  He has eliminated annual military war games with US forces and it is uncertain how their future relationship will unfold.

This US strategy of promising to help a nation in conflict or is in economic trouble, move their troops into these nations, but stay and control them.  Taking advantage of foreign countries in this way for their resources, cheap labour force and strategic military position on the planet, is standard operating procedure.  It seems every time the USA goes into a country that they has an asset the US wants, they create a military base within it.  The USA has over 130+ military bases worldwide in foreign nations (outside of the USA).  Countries like Russia and China have less than 20 foreign military bases combined.  Who is the aggressor?.

The American government is in full empire mode and will use False Flag events to ensure they get what they want.  If the USA is willing to sacrifice thousands of soldiers lives, Trillions of tax dollars and damage their international image by invading countries like Iraq and Libya for barrels of oil, no nation is safe from their grip.  Have they done this to Canada too?

It is obvious that the USA is being a new age colonial oppressor and has the military power to defeat almost every nation on Earth, except maybe China or Russia.  However, the Americans do not always need to defeat a foreign country by military force.  They can seize control through financial and political methods as well.  If you review history and the way our political parties in Canada are taxing Canadians and privatizing our public companies and assets, it doesn’t take much imagination to believe the Americans have their claws in our affairs.

Philippino President Durterte has opened his doors to Russia and China because of the abuse of his country by America.  He claims to have stopped the American colonization of the Philippine Islands.  It is unlikely he will be able to kick the USA out totally, but I wish him good luck.  Canada would not be able to it either.

Several political parties in Canada should be foced to do the same, or at least not be able to legally receive donations and funds from American sources like some do today.  Financial contributions are known to manipulate political parties policy and assist them in winning elections.   The Province newspaper revealed that the BC LIEberals (Christy the Clown’ groip) receive major funds from American sources.  That explains a lot doesn’t it.

Canada needs to ensure our political parties don’t receive donations or funds from other countries!


Here’s Why You Should Not Fear Kim Jong-un

Don’t Fear The Reaper Or North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

There are always two sides to every story.  Here is why North Americans do not have to fear the North Korean threats of nuclear destruction:

  1. The United States of America intercepted a missile in flight with one of their missiles from their missile defense program. The first successful interception was during the first Gulf war when a patriot missle struck and destroyed an enemy Scud missile aimed at Isreal and American coalition troops in the Middle East.
  2. North Korea’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles can now reach the west coast of Canada and the United States of America and should be able to strike anywhere on the planet within ten years. Military oriented cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle and Vancouver are primary targets, but are unlikely to be hit.  Kim Jong-un laughs, parties and proudly issues a press release every time he launches a test missile or detonates an atomic , bomb to show the world he means business.  His ICBMs are not yet as accurate as NATO’s, which means North Korea’s Weapons of Mass Destruction are unlikely to hit their designated targets.
  3. The United States of America can destroy the entire planet multiple times over with their nuclear arsenal and North Korea would incur “great fire and fury” as President Trump threatens. Most of the USA’s nuclear missiles are smart weapons that use Global Positioning Satellites (GPS)  to accurately hit targets.   If Kim Jong-un is insane enough to launch an attack against the USA, he would only be committing suicide.  Very unlikely!
  4. The North Korean economy is 80% financed and supported by the Chinese government. Without Chinese financial and economical  support   Korea would instantly collapse and their military could not afford to move forward with their nuclear weapons program or build ICBMs.   So if China didn’t want North Korea to be a world threat, they could shut it down instantly.
  5. North Korea is a proxy army of the Chinese government and would only attack South Korea, Japan and/or the USA if they wanted to do so.
  6. Allegedly, The nuclear material for N. Korea to make atomic weapons originates from Iran, Russia and China. Their long range missiles come from China, who help by either sending actual Chinese missiles or parts to build them.  Some believe Kim Jong-un can now mine the atomic material and process it to become an atomic weapon and that his military I ndustrial complex can manufacture the missiles.
  7. South Korea and especially Japan have been very tolerant towards North Korea. Both countries militaries have not retaliated when Kim Jong-un orders missile tests that flew over both nations.  Because of no action, it proves that the likely-hood of nuclear war would only happen when North Korea actually nukes them.

Here are several reasons why Kim Jong-un’s threats cause so much fear:

  1. North Korea tried to conquer the entire Korean peninsula back in the 1950’s. They had to call upon the Chinese communists to help or they would have been defeated by the United Nations coalition military forces.  General Douglas MacArther recommended the use of American atomic bombs to unite the divided Korean peninsula under one flag of democracy, but when China sent in it’s military forces, they almost wiped the UN forces off the map.  To this day the stalemate between the UN forces with North Korea is still in effect but is a temporary agreement between these two groups technically still at war.  There have been incidents of conflicts, but no full out war.
  2. China, for the first time in United Nation’s history voted in favor of sanctions against their North Korean neighbor. Why did it take so long for the Chinese government to act as a responsible nation?   Now if China would threaten Kim Jong-un with turning off the financial and military assistance, he might back down and behave.  So the nations of the world need to hold China responsible for it’s actions or the USA should state that an attack from N. Korea would be considered an attack by China, as they did with the Russian missiles in Cuba during the 1960s.
  3. If Kim Jong-un is as insane as the mainstream media says he is, then he may actually do what he threatens to do. Which is nuke South Korea, Japan or the USA. The radioactive fallout would negatively affect everyone in North America and that means North Korea must be forced to stop building nuclear weapons and delivery methods to attack any nation on Earth.
  4. So unless South Korean and/or American coalition military forces invade North Korea, that may force Kim Jong-un’s hand to use all the military forces he can, then and only then would the N. Koreans use their nuclear arsenal.

So don’t get caught up in the threats and sabre rattling as no on, not even Kim Jong-un is stupid enough to start a nuclear war. 


Sandford Tuey is a Canadian Armed Forces veteran of the Cold War who worked within the NATO intelligence industry and now is a security consultant, licensing specialist and entrepreneur who has been a game designer for the past 35 years. With a keen interest in political and military analysis he has been gathering data since 1976 and now shares that knowledge as a beacon of truth, within an ocean of lies.


War Rhetoric Increases Fear To Justify More Tax Dollars Into Weapon Manufacturers

Weapon  Producers  Collude  To  Ensure  Fear  Of  Wars  In  Populations  To  Justify Tax Dollar  Income 

By  Sandford Tuey  –  Canada


Don’t panic over the war rhetoric from the Republican government’s teleprompter reader, President Trump.  Or the colluding mainstream media and Democrat party’s support for the USA threats to attack North Korea.  It’s all to generate fear in the citizens of the world so that the global war economy can justify more tax dollars to flow into the weapon manufacturers.  Without fear of war, weapon producers will have to slow production of their bombs bullets and ingenious killing machines, which could lead to unemployment of hundreds of millions worldwide.  This would cause an instant global depression.  It seems that the military industrial complex has control of mainstream media and our political parties, Canada’s included.  No wonder there is a love of war, because it equals huge profits!


Any semi-smart human understood the collusion between political parties and the war economy, especially when ex-President George W. Bush Jr. and almost the entire Republican and Democratic parties accused Saddam Hussein of having  “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq.  They used this excuse as a ‘False Flag’ to start a major war in the Middle East to use up old weapon inventory.  False Flags are all around us and the present one could be  North Korea.  Yet an attack on North Korea IS an attack upon China!   That would be a major mistake by the Pentagon and they realize it.  When war gaming that scenario simulation, neither side wins and everyone loses!


The world knew that when Trump (really the Republican party) increased the budget of the USA military by $60 Billion US, they were in bed with the military industrial complex.  The USA military already receives more money from American taxpayers, than all the rest of the world’s nations combined.  So nothing has changed from the Democrat’s administration, who did the same thing.   Nothing ever will change, as long as the Republicans and Democrats keep winning USA elections.  It makes you wonder if elections are actually valid, doesn’t it?


Since the Republicans and Democrats are major shareholders in American weapon manufactures (who need to make more room on their shelves and get rid of old expiring merchandise), they need to create a new war.  Intelligent analysts were trying to figure out where the next war would be focused and with the propaganda media and political parties threatening North Korea, China, Russia, Syria and Iran so much, it makes sense that these united allies are in the AngloAmerican empire’s target sites.  Not good for our planet.  North Korea is a proxy army for China, which helps the Chinese totalitarian rulers of the nation, justify the people of China’s tax dollars shift into their weapon manufacturers.  The scam continues in every country.


You should not forget that the President of North Korea is a murderer, he killed family members and relatives to ensure he was not challenged with ruling as the nation’s dictator.  If Kim Jong-un is willing to kill his immediate relatives for power, killing foreigners may be a sport to him?  If the USA threatens China with real sanctions or increases the import tariff on goods from China, the trade war between the two biggest economies could turn militarily quickly.  If the USA nukes North Korea a world war would start, then quickly turn nuclear and most of the world’s population would parish!  Which way will this go?


People must rise up and take back the people’s governments before it is too late or sit back and watch the end of the world on prime time television (most likely ‘Pay Per View)!”



Your Diet Can Kill You

Your  Diet  Is  Deadly

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

It is a fact that you are what you eat.  So make sure you eat what is good for your body and brain.  Are you feeling ill or not as well as you should?  Maybe your diet is not helping and could be making you sick?

Dr, Michael Gregor MD announced that smoking kills over 500,000 Americans every year.  He also stated that a meat and animal by-product diet causes a couple hundred thousand more deaths than smoking cigarettes.  Yet both the Canadian and USA governments still allow their citizens to die because they obtain Billions in tax revenue from the sale of these deadly products.

Once you accept the knowledge that our governments do not look out for your best interests or even care if we die, just so corporations can earn the super-rich globalist oligarchs, who own these companies, to make huge profits.  Basically, slowly killing us is okay with our political representatives.  Yet we rarely hear about this.

The owners of the meat, dairy, egg and certain processed foods have over the past 200 years, lobbied governments to promote their products to their populations.  Even though they are aware of the scientific studies that show these foods are not good for humans.

Many scientific studies have been financed by the industry that the study favours or approves of.  They gave government agencies, like the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and other regulation agencies to get members of these companies on the decision making boards, allowing them to approve products that should never be in the marketplace.  This is a ‘conflict of interest’.

These food industries also took over the University educational systems to the benefit of pharmaceutical and food producers.  This allows food products that are not healty for our children to get distributed into our food industry.  So we can’t trust reports and the government’s recommended food groups to eat.

Doctors need to go through four or more years of schooling, but only receive less than 10 hours of food based nutritional class.and that is why doctors do not advise us to eat certain nutritional food to solve a person’s illness.  Instead doctors only advise patients to take prescription drugs since they earn money doing this.  For example, there are natural foods that lower blood pressure but doctors never recommend you to eat them.  Instead they advise you to take certain medicines.  Our medical system is broken and our government is not trying to fix it, at the expense of Canadians!

Companies are created and designed to increase the share price and dividends to shareholders and that is why companies who produce unhealthy products try to increase their markets, all in the name of profit.  They are thinking how to increase sales in every way, even knowing their products kill.  The governments love the tax money from these companies and keep quiet.

In the end, only you are responsible for your health.  You have to ensure that what you put into your mouth will be good for your body and not negatively affect your health.   People still smoke, knowing that it causes cancers.  This adds a major burden on our health system unnecessarily.  Meaning, we have to pay more taxes to help these foolish citizens when they are suffering in agony during the last stage of their life!.

Improve your diet for better health and a great life!


Our World Is In An Economic Trade War! How Will Canada Do?

Canada  Is Heading Towards A Greater Depresstion Than Citizens Ever Experienced

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

Canadians are in denial or choose to hide their heads in the sand regarding the already started economic war.  The Republicans administration, supported by the Democratic party, are colluding to increase additional tariff fees on Canadian, Mexican and Chinese products entering the United Sttes of America!  Think ahead to what could happen to those three exporters.  Canada better increase it’s sales into other countries like Europe, China and India asap!

Canada is stuck in a nightmare scenario that is just commencing and Canadians are in denial. Trudeau, Trump and the President of Mexico Nieto, are all Freemasons who do what they’re instructed to do by the funding entities of the political parties. Trump pretends to be independent, but he is not, he is a Trojan horse for the establishment. Nieto is focused on the drug cartel wars within Mexico and Trudeau, well he isn’t doing anything about the increase on the costs of our products we import into the USA.  Why,?

The USA is attempting to rebuild their manufacturing industry base and increase sales of what they produce in America throughout the world.  Their strategy to use isolationism and raise the price of goods from Canada, China and Mexico, is a great idea from the United States point of view!  American companies and people will benefit, while Canada, China and Mexico will not!

Canada is in an economic trade conflict and refuses to acknowledge it or deal with this problem.  Is this due to Trudeau’s incompetence or lack of political experience or from smoking too much marijuana?  Could this be all three?   Canada has yet to retaliate for the USA increase of the tariff on Canada’s imports into the USA.  The first shot had the Americans raise the tariff on our lumber and forestry industry to 24%, with threats that all products we market into the US will be hit with a tariff increase of 35%.  The dairy industry is presently in the tariff snipers sights.  The LIEberals and CONservatives haven’t dared retaliate with a tariff on American goods coming into Canada because they know we would lose a full blown trade war with our largest distribution market down south, so better to keep our heads down, instead of increase hostilities.

Once the American Republican administration, with the support of the Democratic party, start to really increase the Import tariff fee to the 35% as proclaimed by their mouthpiece Trump before the election, Canadian exports into the USA are going to be too expensive, compared to our competing nations. Canada sells 75% to 80% of the products we produce into the USA. When, and it’s only a matter of time, that Canada’s products become too expensive, the Americans will purchase the products we make from other nations we compete against. This will cause massive layoffs and increase our unemployed to record numbers we have not seen since the Great Depression!!!  Add the present mass of Canada’s young unemployed still having to live with their parents because they can’t find a job and the LIEberals, with the support of the CONservatives decision to increase the refugee and immigrants entry into our wonderful country to 300,000 a year, Canada is headed to a major epic depression that will shock our citizens!

Everyone living in Canada will need to tighten their belts.  I hope I am wrong, but look at the facts in front of our nation!!!

Prepare for the downfall of Canadian society, unless of course, you are a Billionaire, then party on!!


Canada’s Immigration Problems and Solution

Canada’s Immigration Problem and Solution

By  Sandford Tuey –  Canada

Problem :  The United States of America has over 11 Million illegal aliens within its borders.  The Republican Party’s immigration agenda is now identifying, persecuting and rounding up those people who should not be inside their country, because they did not legally enter the USA properly or entered under false pretenses or stayed indefinitely without proper documentation.   Trump is just the figurehead for this policy created by the funding sources of the Republicans and is quietly supported by the Democrats, who  raise a fuss, but truly endorse this collect and deport strategy.

This American problem originates because of the Republicans and Democrats colluding to increase a cheap work force made up of immigrants and refugees from outside their nation.  They take advantage of these poor people who should never have been allowed into the USA.  Technically this problem is the fault of the Democrats and Republicans who allowed these illegal alien’s numbers to get way too high.  Only recently has a political party government started to officially arrest and remove anyone who should not be in the USA.  This forces the 11 Million illegal aliens in the USA to panic and flee from the American immigration department.  These questionable elements are not returning to their countries of origin because there is no employment in their hellish states or their way of life is being disrupted by wars and oppression.  Most are just economic refugees desiring a better wage and lifestyle.


This leaves these 11 Million illegal aliens only one place to escape to – – Canada.  So far, only 10,000+ have legally applied for asylum at a legal Canadian border crossing.   It is estimated that over 100,000 illegal aliens from the USA have clandestinely entered between Canada’s border crossings and Americans are happy to see them go.  Canada Immigration has been under-funded and under-staffed for far too long.  In the 1990s, Canada Immigration could not keep up with the processing of the regular immigration human flow or could not check enough cargo containers entering our country.  When I worked with Canada Immigration, we could barely keep up with 10% of all people and goods coming into our nation.  Over 90% of everything and everyone entering Canada, we processed as best we could.   Most of the time, we had no idea what or who were entering.  This problem is now overwhelming and unacceptable.  All Canadian citizen safety and security are now compromised, thanks to this strange globalization strategy being conducted by our North American political parites.

The US illegal alien northern trickle is turning into a flood, as I predicted once Trump declared his anti-refugee policy last year!!   Our border security cannot handle this huge increased traffic and it is a fact that a major portion of American illegal aliens are from unknown nations and are criminals.   Right now they are sneaking into Canada’s population and in fact, one illegal entrant died because of Canada’s harsh border terrain and weather..   If these 11 Million ‘unknown’ people are willing to break USA laws of immigration, they are willing to break our immigration laws as well.   What other criminal activities are these 11 Million going to conduct here?   The majority are not registering at our proper border crossings, breaking Canadian laws.  This is an emergency and yet, our government political parties and their propaganda mainstream media are not covering it properly or doing anything about it.  Why hasn’t Canada’s Security / Terror alert level gone up?  Could this be part of a sinister plan?  Why hasn’t the mainstream media mentioned this more?  How about letting us all know how they intend to stop these criminal penetrations of our borders?

Solution :  Canada must stop ALL refugee and immigration temporarily.  Correct and catch up on the present backlog of immigration people so that our Immigration Officers can get a handle on this serious problem and properly process those coming into Canada the legal way.  Take the pressure off of our system is the logicval thing to do.  Then we need to do what Australia does for their refugees and immigrants that try to enter into their nation.

Here is Australia’s solution, which Canada needs to do asap.  1) Designate an island where ALL immigrants & refugees first go before being allowed into Canada.  This island would ensure no one can escape to mainland Canada for security reasons.   2) Those refugees and migrants who pass several medical exams and qualify ideologically and are not terrorist related individuals,  would be allowed into Canada on a ten year probationary period (you break a law or murder = go back to country of origin).   3) This Immigration process separate the ‘wolves from the sheep’. The innocent and positive people who will be productive and a benefit to Canada and fit in with Canadian culture and morals  are welcomed with open arms.   4) Those that are followers of hate or terrorist groups and violent religious texts, will be returned to their countries of origin immediately, no matter how negative the situation may be back in their country.  5) Those deemed questionable, will be given the option of following our legal system and culture or go back to their nation where they came from!

This is what Canada Immigration should have been doing all along, but due to under-funding and under-staffing thanks to the LIEberals and CONservatives.   Only in the last few years havs Canada’s Border Security be allowed to have firearms to protect themselves (only now are they getting them).  Do you like knowing that our borders are sieves?    Our broken immigration policy is just one of many reasons Canada is not the country it was before 1972.

You can thank the colluding LIEberals and CONservatives for this mess!!!


Tuey Tid Bit – Sandiego ComicCon

Everyone Must Go To The Sandiego Comicon In Their Lifetime


By  Sandford Tuey


Want to have a good time in the USA?


If you have never been to the Sandiego ComiCon, you must go at least once in your lifetime.  You will know why within a minute of entering the huge exhibit convention multi-level building (at least five or six football fields – three levels high).  Everyone who is anyone exhibits at this Entertainment Trade Show.  Sony Studios and Distribution, Universal, MGM, Trauma Films, Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Marvel Studios & Comics, DC Comic & Film, Image Entertainment, Darkhorse, Warner Bros., Arcana Studios (largest comic producer in Canada, all the way down to me and my small one comic brand title (we made Canada look good).  We made everyone look and wonder, “Who the hell are these Canadians?”


I call casted just under ten women to play our lead heroine at this USA major event, ‘Tessa Guess’ until we located a look alike, especially when we had her dress in the tight spandex cloths and wore the character’s glasses.  She did her hair perfect and she drew older men and kids to our booth wanting to talk to our main character come to life.  She memorized a prewritten monologue and would prompt specific answers to certain questions   All questions that were not general to our story, she would direct them to our marketing and investor rep or myself for clarification.   Thousands asked us questions and /or purchased Galactic Gladiators comics, posters, caps and t-shirts.  Our company earned over tenb grand is four days.


Scott Lee was the lead artist and celevrity for our company and brand (franchise)!

Austin Rand handled all the money earned at the trade show.

Sandy Jr., drummed up sales and business with the majors and other exhibitors.  He entered Sony Playstation tournament and won 2nd place and lots of prizes.  More importantly, my son brought the head of marketing of Sony over to my booth and we discussed a video game publishing deal and distribution for Galactic Gladiators merchandise.

Joh Nichols handled the media and media packages in the media room.  She generated interest as well.  She stayed in the same hotel room as our Tessa model. 

Jeff Mathews helped at the booth promoting and selling at our booth.

I explained the epi story Galactic Gladiators is and did anything that had to do be done.  I attended two keynote info sessions.  1)  News Realease for the Glactic Gladiators and the distribution dal with Diamond Distribution (distributor for Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, and anyone who is anyone, including me)!  2) A panel on the state of the entertainment industry and licensing.


Scott and I were asked to sign autographs in the prestigious Autograph area where many big name celebrities were signing merchandise too!  Lou Ferigno (TV’s HULK), Leordnard Nimoy & (Star Trek), Brent Spiner (Data on Next Gen Star Trek), etc…  I got to meet and discuss their interest in my license and how to pursue it to the big leagues. 

Many visitors dressed in authentic costumes of their favourite characters.  On the final day a samall girl (maybe 8) asked our model for a photograph with here (she too was dressed like Tessa).  Very cute.


Thank God I purchase two professional display walls with lights and full color graphics of humans and aliens trapped within Psion Preservation Pods (clear glasslike tubes with strange alien creatures inside and escaping.  All this inside a gigantic Psion spaceship, with a clear domed ceiling highlighting the universe above.  Jeff Mathew is a genius at working with his hands.  He designed and built, from scratch, a 3D Preservation Pod that visitors to our two display wide booth, could enter inside and a recorded song would explain the concept of Galactic Gladiators within a minute and a half.  This theme was written by Jeff and I, and recorded by Jeff voicing an altered voice.  He located ‘12th Street Studio’ to professionally record this excellent promo musical piece on ProTools software, rare at the time.  People would ask “what’s this about?”  Our Tessa model would direct them into the plastic spherical pod and it would start playing our info tune.  Many wanted their photo taken inside the tube (humndred or more).


It was a great trade show and highly recommend everyone go to it, if you can!!!


Enormous debt is going to bankrupt nations worldwide

When The Enormous USA and Canada Debts Has to Be Paid.  What Have Our Political Parties Put Up As Collateral?

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

The USA Constitution looks good on paper, so does the Canadian Bill of Rights, but the two American political groups, the colluding Republicans and Democrats, have ignored the entire constitution since 911.  Together, they control the American Justice system and manipulate how the government skips over it or pushes it to the side.  This happens when important legislation is considered to enrich the rich and those even more wealthy, but at the detriment of the poor and middle class.

The USA and Canada legal, immigration, medical and corporate systems are being changed or already have been changed, to the detriment of the citizens.  Unless people take to the streets, nothing will change.  North America will continue rushing towards the deadly chasm of enormous debt, so huge, that several generations already are under economic servitude for centuries and will not ever be able to pay off the Trillions our countries owe.  Have you ever combined your Municipalities, States and federal debts together?  Or the Municipalities, Provinces, Territories and federal debt?

It is alleged that he Republicans collude with the CONservatives and the Democrats collude with the LIEberals to control our continent.  All four parties are colluding and  have put up US national and state parks, tourist attractions, precious resources and government assets as collateral.  So has Canada.

It is only a matter of time before the USA and Canada have to pay this debt to the Rothschild International banking cartel, foreign nations hold our national debt and citizens around the world.   Neither USA and Canada can’t afford taking on any more debt and this will cause major hardship on those that are not Millionaires or have even more wealth.  The master plan is to bankrupt nations, to force the one world global digital currency system and government down all of our throats.  The USA is already ahead of schedule.  Many other countries are in the same sinking ship and will see the end of all FIAT currencies sooner than you think.  Canada also uses FIAT currency. Google ‘Special Drawing Rights’ to learn that the global elite will be transferring the wealth of the people to their control within ten years.

The USA approved the ‘Bail In Act’, just as Canada, Australia, all Commonwealth nations and the European Union have (including the United Kingdom).  Governments do not approve new laws unless they intend to use them.  This is a method of seizing the money out of all the nation’s bank accounts directly, legally.  Realize that any of your money that goes into a financial institution in Canada and the USA is now a loan.  Depositors are third on the repayment list, behind the Rothschild banking cartel which most banks own money to and the Board of Directors/shareholdeders are second.  This means it is now possible that we will not be repaid what we have in these corporations.  Don’t depend on the Deposit Insurance groups that guarantee depositors funds are protected, I confirmed with their managements that they have limited funds to assist depositors and it’s a first come, first serve kind of cue.

Not like in 1929, when they masterminded the Great Depression on purpose, to destroy the independent small financial institutions they did not control and then they consolidated their ownership of the entire world’s financial system after buying up the medium sized banks.  The people of the world suffered dearly for this detrimental tactic.  Ask your grandparents that endured this devastating tactic how they feel about those times or seek out what happened.  I recommend you watch ‘The Grapes Of Wrath’ to see what really happened.

The world wealth transfer happens every hundred years or less and makes those who own the global financial monetary systems more money than they could spend in a hundred lifetimes (at our expense).  Tighten your belts, pay off your debts asap or you will be in trouble when interest rates rise above double digits, which is already planned and has started worldwide.

Time Is Ticking On Our Debt Bombs and Soon Will Explode and Destroy Our Way Of Life!!




By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

Let’s say you go to the local store, purchase some of your favourite sweet treats, and hand over your hard-earned cash.  When you open the packet you notice that the chocolate bar has been reduced in size or the bag of chips is smaller or is the same size but there are less chips inside, why?  Once you check the weight and realize the truth.  You have become a victim of shrinkflation: a phenomenon where popular treats reduce in size or quantity while remaining at the same price, but you’re paying the same amount for less.

This has been occurring too often in recent times. Back in November 2016, the redesign of the iconic Toblerone bar caused outrage, as the gaps between chunks grew, leaving it unrecognizable – more a scattering of hillocks than a lofty mountain range. Consumers complained about the change, it quickly emerged that many other products also become suspiciously smaller and an increase of shrinkflation is rampant in North America.  In the last week, the word shrinkflation has spiked in use because of the many products consumers buy that are not the same anymore, as it was revealed that bags of Maltesers and M&Ms were all shrinking for the second time in a year.

This is not fair for consumers who want to know why.

  1. The price of ingredients rise and therefore the producers of your favorite products reduce the size of their goods to reflect this increased cost without increasing the retail sale price.
  2. Some unethical companies choose to reduce the size of their items just to increase profit margins as corporations have to inform their shareholders they are making dividend payment ever quarter. Basically you are sending more of your money to their shareholders but get less of your favourite products.
  3. The Canadian or American currency is being devalued against other world currencies, which cause the companies who produce your favourite treats to pay higher prices for ingredients, transportation, management, etc.. It is common knowledge that North American money is on the front line of the present Currency War.  The US dollar is being artificially propped up as of 2016, but should it lose more of its worldwide value, this reduction will directly negatively affect our Canadian dollar drastically.

Canada exports 75% to 80% of our products and service into the United States of America and should President Trump initiate his proclaimed import tariff (35%), our products will be too high and priced out of the US market.  This would be devastating to the Canadian government’s revenue as less tax would be collected, but even more so for companies, their Canadian employees and other industries associated with the moving of our goods down south.

The unemployment estimates are staggering with figures around 30% to 40%, increasing the unemployed level never seen before.  This means we would skip a Recession and plunge directly into a major Depression.  The great depression had unemployment rate of 15% to 25%.  It is obvious how bad things would get in Canada.  That is why Canada must diversify our export base and increase imports into nations like China, India, and other countries we do not sell into as much as we could.

As soon as the USA decides if they will slap the 35% import tariff against Canadian products or grant us a reprieve or a decreased tariff, everyone will have this unemployment sword having over Canadians and our fragile economy.  Get ready to tighten your belts.




By  Sandford Tuey

All leaders of political parties must follow their political party’s policies and the gist of their agenda.  Trump AND Trudeau are just glorified teleprompter script readers who spew bullshit propaganda to make the people think the Republicans are on the people’s side (just like Obama did, not much change right?  Trump is no more than a Trojan horse of the following :   1)  The Republicans are influenced or even controlled by the American  military industrial weapon manufacturers (the USA already spends more on it’s military than all the nation on Earth combined – for example,  Russia spends only 20% of the US budget.  The Republicans are giving a further $60 Billion to the US armed forces, why?  They already receive almost a Trillion dollars annually, that doesn’t even include the secret Black Budget funds that are unaccounted for.  Does America really need more nukes or weapons?  They can destroy the entire Earth almost 7 times, unless they are cooking the books.  The bombs and bullets are piling up and have to used up to clear the shelf again and they cannot lay off millions and millions of employees would make the great depression look like a picnic).  So that means the weapon producers will have to concoct a new enemy and start another war to use up these killing devices.  I  wonder which nation is next?  There’s got to be WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION in it!  LOL   Everybody is being deceived and no one speaks out. LOL   2) Trump needs to deal with the Rothschild international banking cartel to fund his expensive buildings.  Trump has to deal with the Teamsters and organized crime unions, so they may have him helping them.  Trump is also involved with the Rothschild International banking cartel, there is a bunch of evil super-rich globalist oligarchs.  The LIEberals allegedly do what they are instructed to do for huge money.  Does anyone believe that Trudeau went on a vacation to meet Aga Khan on his paradise island?  When is the last time you took your lawyer on a holiday with you?   He took favours and gifts from this Muslim, including free helicopter rides.  Isn’t that high treason?.  The Province newspaper revealed that the BC LIEberals receive massive donations and alleged bribes from foreign nations, they are bloody traitors because they are liquidating our national assets, calling it privatization!  Remember BC Gas?  I DON’T LIKE POPPING PEOPLES REALITY BUBBLES, BUT CITIZENS HAVE TO STOP STUMBLING AROUND WITH THEIR EYSE WIDE SHUT !!



March  13, 2017