Pat Mitchell lived in OK Falls in the early 1970’s and was one of my best friends while in elementary school and high school.  He was funny and like my brother Randy could have been standup comedians.  When Randy & Pat got together they always made people laugh (I’m talking about laugh until you cry).  I miss both of these two dearly.  RIP

Pat Mitchell and I were playing pool down in my parent’s basement one afternoon.  A strange thought popped into my head (as usual).  I started a poem about drugs and Pat joined in.  Since both of us had just smoked a joint, what do you expect?   We decided to write it down.  Here is this unique poem about drugs.


A  is for Acid that fuck’s up your head.

B  is for Busted all drug addicts dread.

C  is for Cocaine melted with spoon.

D  is for Drugs  all gone too soon.

E  is for Excellent  the stone that you get.

F  is for Fried but two tokes I bet.

G  is for Grass the best stone of all.

H  is for High so high you can fall.

I is for Insane we all tend to be.

J  is for Junk sold right up to me.

K  is for Kilo’s of hash we receive.

L  is for Learning the cops we deceive.

M  is for Money to buy all our pot.

N  is for Numbers we all smoke a lot.

O  is for O.D. at night when we crash.

P  is for Pot sometimes we stash.

Q  is for Quiet when Pigs are around.

R  is for Roach we toke without sound.

S  is for Speed sometimes we shoot.

T  is for TCH  sometimes we hoot.

U  is for Undercover narc it is said.

V  is for Violence we raise up the dead.

W  is the Way we screwed up our lives.

X  is the Xtra hash we hot knife.

Y  is the Youth that get into drugs.

Z  is the Zoo where they put all us BUZZBRAINS.

By  Sandford Tuey & Patrick Mitchell


We don’t promote using drugs but this poem just came to us and we both also drew a picture per page as we wanted to sell the booklet through Head Shops but Pat died and the project lost momentum.  I couldn’t recite it without tears welling up inside me because I really miss him.  Hope he is in heaven!