Trump change is not Obama change but real change!

Remember all the lies Barrack Obama spewed with promises of changing the way America was governed?  The Democrats promoted that they would change and improve from how  the Republican’s ran the USA.   Honestly,  did they?
All Obama did was take over the Presidency from George Bush Jr. but nothing really changed. The Republican way was almost identical to the Democrat way, especially foreign policy and free trade.  Why doesn’t that annoy the voters that had high hopes of a better America?  Does it matter anymore which party wins?  Are the Democrats and Republicans colluding?  Or tag teaming against the American people like in a death cage match?  Could both US political parties have come to an agreement to work together?   It doesn’t seem so but look carefully.


Trump admitted that he would have preferred to run as an Independent candidate but he knew that Americans have been programmed to only vote either for the Democrats or Republicans.  If the USA is a great example of a democratic nation, why do US voters only elect a Republican or Democrat?  Why not a third party like the Constitution Party or the Libertarian party?  Trump new that any independent group would lose just because of the programming by the oligarchs.

Hilary and Bill Clinton are great people.   Trump used to donate to the Democrats, specifically Hillary now and Bill back in the day.

I  have decided to support Donald Trump because of the following reasons:

  1.  He won (fair and square) the Presidency of the United States of America. He IS the President and the world will need to get used to it.
  2. He won by enough votes that the margin of victory could not be questioned (like how the Bush Republicans stole the Presidency from Gore’s Democrats) in 2000.
  3. Trump pointed out the corrupt and manipulated voting system that he says benefits the candidate who has the most money.
  4. Trump said he is independent from any loans, obligations and pointed out the financial shenanigans by Super Pacs, corporations and foreign interests. He paid for his own campaign costs out of his own pocket, which allow him not to owe any favors to donators or special interest groups or foreign countries.
  5. America desperately needs a pro-employment President that will get the USA back to work! He promises to ensure business returns to the USA which will increase the middle class.
  6. Before Trump took office he made it clear to US companies that if they move their manufacturing plants outside the USA they should expect a 35% tariff when their products are imported into the states.  This economic strategy already convinced two major production plants to return to the USA and added thousands of new American jobs.
  7. He has chosen to scrap the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) in exchange for negotiating direct dels with each country one by one. This will allow for better agreements in favor of the USA and Trump is not afraid of the increase work this will cause him.
  8. Trump has made it clear that mainstream media are puppets of the establishment and cannot be trusted. I have known for decades that these major television, radio, magazine and newspaper sources are propaganda machines for the super-rich globalist oligarchs.  I enjoy how Trump is putting these fake/false news agencies in their place.
  9. Trump has money in his blood and understands the international monetary system. If Trump dares to dissemble or terminate the US Federal Reserve, that action would prove he is truly independent and the real deal!  This would benefit the USA immensely and correct the deception by the foreign international banking cartel in 1913.
  10. His immigration policy will enforce the present laws on the books. He is not the first President to halt immigration of a specific race, in this year’s case –Muslims.  The North American borders require increased funding, additional border officers and stricter screening of everyone who enters our continent.
  11. Trump is going to increase the US military budgets. Not sure if this is due to his positive attitude towards veterans or a show of international strength?  The US weapon manufacturers and Armed Forces enjoy more funding than ALL the rest of the world’s military industries combined.  Does this signal Trump is influenced or even being controlled by the USA military industrial complex?
  12. He claims he wants to bomb ISIS and all terrorists into oblivion. Even those evil entities created, funded and weaponized by NATO (Al Queda, ISIS, ISIL and other ruthless proxy armies) around the world.  He has even threatened to sell nuclear weapons to reduce the American boots on the ground in allied nations (he says they can protect themselves with USA nukes)!  This attitude makes me nervous.
  13. Trump says he wants to reduce America’s involvement with NATO and reduce the US military obligations and costs of protecting allies.
  14. Trump is a real estate genius and if he really builds a wall between Mexico and the USA he can do it under budget and on time. The negatives are that he must be connected to organized crime due to being forced to deal with questionable unions like the Teamsters.  He also must be influenced by the Rothschild financial institutions since Trump needs them to fund his real estate endeavors and contract his debt load.
  15. Will Trump make America great again? I hope so and right now he is the best man for the job.  If Clinton or some other Republican would have become President nothing would change.  The USA would continue to decline, increase unemployment, more society destabilized, more conflicts between authorities and the citizens, more illegal immigrants, continual war and more debt heading the USA towards bankruptcy.

Since the USA is the leader of our planet, everyone on Earth waits curiously with justifiable anxiety to see how this new Trump White House administration changes everything and affects the rest of the world.