Experiences in Virtual Reality.

I have been playing games since before the first video games existed.  My mom bought the very first one = PONG game which allowed two players to control paddles and bounce a square ball between each player until one got the ball past the other’s paddle.  This crude black & white game was the latest video game back then and I am sure would be laughed at by today’s video game players.  Since then I have watched the video game market grow from being an insignificant segment of the Toy industry to video games becoming so profitable they created their own industry separate from the Toy industry..

The most-successful video games these days are one of two types, either an open-world experience (GTA, Fallout, Minecraft, Warcraft) or a very-linear narrative experience.

People who play video games (easily outnumber the people who enjoy the theatrical experience) are quite-satisfied with this author-driven interactive experience. To have the pretense of control without really having it.

So it seems to me that for the outset, the difficulty is the traditional movie narrative (good for screenwriters) is heading into VR storytelling of the type that learning how to have the protagonist drive the story (as in  traditional movie narrative) while keeping the player/viewer somewhat-engaged as if they’re in control (when they are not).

The key, however, is that the player enters into the experience *knowing* they’re totally not in control of the narrative path. Their choices are pre-ordained, and the narrative will not progress without them making those choices. And they’re content with this. So with consumer acceptance already in-place, it seems quite-likely that VR storytelling will continue to explode in the near future.

The Video game market earns more money than the theatrical film industry and will only get larger.  It was interesting to watch the Video segment out pace the Toy industry itself.  Nobody expected that but a few unique Toy industry speculators like myself called it correctly..

Part’s of the above info originated from a screenwriter friend of mine.